Slave Cry

Hello! And welcome to the Slave Cry Post Production Page.  First, please watch the video above.

Okay. Now that you've watched that (and realized why it is that I tend to stay behind the camera), thank you for taking the time to consider being a part of this process. This is truly a passion project that we are so close to seeing done. We are aiming for a premiere at the end of July (more on this later). 

Here is some press about the film! 

Action Items!

We are currently fiscally sponsored by a 501c3, which means that all of your donations to the cause are tax deductible (information on the fiscal sponsor can be found here.)

Levels of Giving:

Anything you can spare is wonderful and helpful! However, we are providing incentives for levels of giving.
$25 - A ticket to the Official Richmond Premiere in 2019. 
$50 - A PDF of the Script. And the above. 
$100 - A Special Edition Poster. And the above. 
$250 - Special Recognition in the Credits. 
$500 - "Associate Producer - Post Production" Credit. All of the Above
$2500 - "Executive Producer" Credit. And the above. 

When you make a donation, please be sure to indicate which incentive you would like, if any.
Also include any mailing and contact information. 


In order to make a Tax Deductible donation, you can mail a check to:

Unified Empowerment Inc. 
6551 Loisdale Court
Suite 400
Springfield, VA 22150
Please note on your check that the donation is for RVA: Slave Cry.

Or Click the Link Below! (And be sure to leave your information!)